A few of my favorite wedding videos


We just got back from our honeymoon yesterday and it was such a nice surprise! We love the video and how it flows. We’ve been watching the video on repeat, the day happened so fast and so many parts we didn’t see.
— Mindy
AHH!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!! YAYY!!!!
Chelsea, you are a miracle worker! Wow, we are so amazed! We love everything about the video!!! You are so incredibly talented at what you do!! AHHH!!! This was the best present to find in our inbox, wow, wow, wow!
THANK YOU SO INCREDIBLY MUCH!!!!!!! You were such a pleasure to work with, so kind and so professional. Can’t say thank you enough!!!!!!
Big Hugs!!!

— Kyle + Hannah
Omg we just watched it twice in a row! We are so blown away. You absolutely crushed it. We love every bit of it. Thank you so much for everything!!! So happy we get to relive this beautiful day any time we want thanks to your amazing work!
— Madison
This is amazing!! We love it!! Thank you for everything!!
— Michelle
OMG we loveeeee it! This is amazing and so fun to watch!! Thank you for literally putting our day into a story. This was perfect!!!
— Alyssa
We love our video!!!
— Megan
This is so special!!! Both Kevin and I cried when we watched it. We can’t even begin to thank you and Nick enough for doing this for us! We always wanted to remember our special day through video and you gave us such an incredible gift!
— Anna


Yesssss! Its soooo fab! Thank you :) you are amazing!
— Hayley
Chelsea. It’s beautiful— absolutely perfect. Seriously excellent, excellent job. We love it!
— Lori
Just wanted to let you know, we have received several compliments about the video being “the best wedding video” they have ever seen.
— Rachell
We couldn’t be happier! I could watch it a million times!!!! Thank you!!!
— Amanda
It is seriously amazing and we love it!
— kelly
The video is perfect!! Literally everything we wanted!
— Ali
I seriously can not get enough of this video! You did an amazing job and I’m beyond thrilled!
— Ashley
The video was absolutely AMAZING and we cried all over again! We love it and approve 100 percent!
— Emily
Thank you SO much Chelsea! You captured our wedding day and we just got to relive all the joy by watching it. Literally crying over here. Happy tears! ❤️
— Alison


We absolutely love our video!! It takes us right back to the day. You captured it perfectly. Thank you so much!!!
— Kristen
We feel so lucky to have found Chelsea to be our videographer for our wedding. We hesitated at first trying to determine if we really needed one, and it was by far the best investment we made looking back.
— Lauren
Omg this is such a nice surprise! We love it so much! I watched it 3 times in a row.
— Karly
Chelsea! Have I meantioned how amazing you are??? We have literally watched the video 20+ times
— Morgan
We absolutely LOVE the video! We both teared up watching it all over again.
— Whitney
I’m Obsessed! Thank you so much, I can’t believe how perfect it is! You seriously captured the best day of my life in the most perfect way. Love it.
— Dana